Way Through, “Roughting Linn”


Nervous Brit-rock that flails but doesn't falter.


Dayna Evans | September 6, 2013

way through

“Roughting Linn”, a new track from pastoral UK band Way Through, is vibrant and meandering and hypnotic, and subtle in the best ways you can imagine. The British accent of lead singer Christopher Tipton makes the song squarely placed in the isle's rich history of avant-punk and noodly guitar speculation that froths but does not overbubble; it's never too over-the-top or brash. It settles right into its flicking pace mid-song and as Tipton speak-sings, “Roughting Linn” becomes something else entirely. More like a Morrissey than a Sid Vicious.

“Roughting Linn”, two words we had never heard before today, releases on Way Through's upcoming Clapper Is Still on November 11 through Upset The Rhythm.

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