Broke For Free, “Budding”


This dude has four quality albums out this year. What have you done?


Chris Bergenheim | December 4, 2012

Broke For Free

When we posted about Tom Cascino’s project Broke For Free earlier this year, we were impressed he had three releases. The Oakland human beat machine has snuck another one in before the ball drops. Four albums?! So far they’ve all been free? That’s more than Segall! El-P numbers! So, yeah, safe to say we’re impressed.

This time, it’s a collaborative EP called Gold Can Stay, done with Canadian musician Mark Edwards who threw Tom the guitar tracks that are the staple of the EP. From the sounds of the single, “Budding,” this stuff is Broke For Free’s most beautiful and organic project to date. Edwards brings a whole new voice to the Broke For Free aesthetic that’s warmer than Cascino’s previous work. Perfect timing, too. We’re coming up on the holidays and everyone could stand to take it down some notches and relax.

Broke For Free, “Budding”

All of Gold Can Stay is available over at Broke For Free's Soundcloud.

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