Cool Fest X at Silent Barn


Noise for a good cause


Chris Robbins | December 2, 2010

Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac

Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac, via

Silent Barn is hosting Cool Fest X on December 8, to benefit the St. James Drop-In Centre of Montreal, Quebec.

Originally started in Canada by Fluorescent Friends' chief Blake Hargreaves, this year's incarnation is curated by Canadian transplant Edwin White of Tonstartssbandht. Cool Fest X's bill is a salon of the venerable names in the experimental/“recombinant music” scene. It's also for a good cause. Skip that rerun of King of Queens next Wednesday and get a taste of some noise.

Cool Fest X

Silent Barn, December 8, 8pm

Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac
James Ferraro of Skaters
MV Carbon of Metalux
G Lucas Crane of Nonhorse / Woods
Purple Haze, featuring Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards

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