Darlings, “Nothing I Don't Care For”


Just pretend it's not winter and enjoy some sunshine pop already.


Chris Bergenheim | December 7, 2012


New York’s Darlings return with a new summer-pop laden track, “Nothing I Don’t Care For” from their upcoming LP, Perfect Trip, due out in January. Darlings still capture their bouncing retro 60’s charm and show they’re still capable of that huge slacker pop sound. “Nothing I Don’t Care For” hits its stride in its reach for the sky half time reprise, the solidification of your impending future; this is the song you find yourself humming in public. You might not even know how you got there. It’s like Darlings have distilled every Swedish garage pop band’s endearing spirit and poured it over a quietly strong beat to pull you out of your daily grind.

Perfect Trip will be self-released and available in January, keep an eye out for it.

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