Grave Babies, “No Fear”


What's from the Grunge Capital and noisier than a lawnmower? A grave baby.


Alex Pitta | February 7, 2013

Grave Babies

Photo by Angel Ceballos

Expected on February 26 is the release of Seattle's Grave Babies' first full length album. Crusher is a mind numbing and gritty work of fuzzy, grungy (dare I call it?) post-punk. “No Fear” is the bands latest single off of Crusher, released through Seattle label Hardly Art.

“No Fear” is a lusty track that pierces the listener from the start of the opening bars. The blaring guitars are guaranteed to saw right through you. The brawny vocals are alloyed and alluring, and the drum beat is mightily intoxicating. The aim of Grave Babies is to drag us into a place that is both frenzied and rapturous, and they do a damn good job at it.

Stream “No Fear” in our player below.

Grave Babies' Crusher is out Feburary 26 on Hardly Art.

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