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Christopher Powell | November 16, 2012

dayve hawk memory tapes

Dayve Hawk's list of monnikers can be a little confusing to keep up with. Whether it be Weird Tapes, Memory Cassette, Memory Tapes…the point is: tapes, I think? For now at least, there is a new single from the Memory Tapes side of Hawk's brain, called “Neighborhood Watch”. The song is the first listen from upcoming release Grace/Confusion (CarPark Records), Hawk's third full-length under this particular alias, indicating his survival of the great chillwave scare of 2009.

“Neighborhood Watch” settles in as a blissful, melodic pop song before erupting into a blast of dark, heavy synths. The coda recalls Memory Tapes' standout single “Bicycle” off of Seek Magic.

Listen to “Neighborhood Watch” below. Grace/Confusion is available December 4 on CarPark Records.

Memory Tapes Grace/Confusion Track Listing:

01. Neighborhood Watch
02. Thru The Field
03. Safety
04. Let Me Be
05. Sheila
06. Follow Me

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