Pandercakes, “Paint By Numbers”


Pop music for people who like smiling.


Hannah Ronson | March 28, 2012


The Pandercakes are a band from South Carolina who make orchestral pop music that is hard not to enjoy. They are aware of their likeability, their name directly addresses the fact that often pop music tries so hard to be accessible it panders to its audience. Get it? Their four-song debut EP, titled Paint By Numbers, out now, has gleeful boy/girl vocals, rich instrumentation and lots of bells and whistles. The title track is ecstatic with vocal harmonies and clapping. By the end, the traditional trappings of a pop song are abandoned and the song descends into a seriously happy jam. The other songs on the EP have a similar energy but slightly more traditional song structures. This is music for people who like to smile.

You can listen to the Pandercakes full EP at their bandcamp here.

Pandercakes, “Paint By Numbers”

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