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If you can't catch them live, this documentary is a close second.


Dayna Evans | April 15, 2013

parquet courts

When Parquet Courts' second record, Light Up Gold, came out last year, it felt like the whole world was glued to the speakerbox. The New York garage-punk outfit, made up of members from Teenage Cool Kids and Fergus & Geronimo, had the attention of anybody who felt there'd been a lack of youthful guitar-driven energy coming out of New York. They were lauded in both underground and mainstream press and have since been on the road, playing every show and festival imaginable. And if I can editioralize a bit, a Parquet Courts show is not to be missed—that energy you feel in Light Up Gold is more electrical and transcendant in their live show.

That being said, if you simply can't get out of your house (maybe you're too punk to leave the house or your world only exists on Twitter), then you have a good alternative. Andy Capper, director of the Snoop Lion documentary and The Vice Guide to Liberia (another thing I highly recommend), has directed a documentary that exhibits what it's like to be on the road with Parquet Courts. The documentary is premiering with Noisey on April 17. Check out a preview of the documentary below. Parquet Courts are on tour now at the dates here.

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