The Sound Of Progress Pens Open Letter To Music Industry

JP Basileo

It’s sad that we’ve arrived here. It’s beyond sad. It’s heartbreaking, horrifying, disgusting, infuriating that it’s come to this, that an open letter to the music industry, regarding the innumerable acts of abuse by power figures (and the gross lack of accountability for them), is not only warranted, it’s necessary. But, we’re here, nonetheless. Inspired by the #metoo movement, open addresses have been made in Sweden and Australia, and now, America, to the industry as a whole, in hopes of stopping the abuse of power that’s been rampant since before the birth of rock ’n roll, of this reprehensible behavior being answered for, and, perhaps most importantly, of creating a safer community for all, now and in the future. Enter The Sound Of Progress, the organization penning the crucial letters to the music industry to stop this misconduct. If you care about music, about justice, about women, men, humanity, please, pay them a visit.

Read the letter. Sign your name. SHARE IT.

Let’s move forward together.

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