Trevor de Brauw, “They Keep Bowing”


Relive your Neon Marshmallow memories.


Christopher Powell | November 19, 2012

trevor de brauw

De Brauw insists his cat is not fat, just big-boned

Trevor de Brauw, guitarist of Chicago post-metal quartet Pelican, recently posted a solo track up on SoundCloud. Originally included as an mp3 download with the purchase of 4-day passes for Neon Marshmallow Fest (which De Brauw performed ver the weekend), the song was recorded sometime circa-2006 for what he refers to as “the probably-never-to-be-completed solo album Uptown“.

Those expecting a heavy-hitting Pelican track need not apply. “They Keep Bowing” is a layered, slow-burn of distorted guitar jam backed with the drone of an organ. It's dark, but also quite beautiful in that plastic bag dancing in the air kind of way.

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