Welcome to another installment of Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano! with a new debut from their forthcoming album Piñata. Recognizing that neither plants nor music can spring from thin air, the band likens songs to flowers where a seed of inception or inspiration must occur before either can bloom to their full realized potential. We invite you to let Mark Cartwright, Sam Scranton and Aaron With take you on a survey of their new songs' musical beginnings every Thursday through June 7.

Today the Chicago trio explores the origins of their new song "Long Gone" as a transformative walk through the food court. Something about the mall's music transfixes the band as they traverse through the retail arcades of commerce. The journey, like so many things in life, begins at the mass feeding commons before escalating downstairs to a Spencer's, perusing through questionable posters, coin funnel fascinations, plastic egg inedibles and a study into the narcotic effects of public coin-op massage chairs. The band recreates the inspired overheard mall music into a tranquil ode to a genre of music box rock before using that central progression for an indie dance rave up. Like the couple volcano! sings about in "Long Gone," they outfit themselves in yellow "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts as they proceed to lose themselves in the multiplex "singing the same song" from long ago over the smell of fresh baked pretzels, Cinnabons and wafts of steam from Hot Dog on a Stick. Never before has a trip to the mall been so enlightening or generative.

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Piñata will be released June 12 stateside and June 4 in Europe while pre-orders are available now from the Leaf Label and Bandcamp.