Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type Release New Album, Have The Coolest Shirts

A fun interview with an up-and-coming indie rockstar.


Brooklyn’s Greg Humphreys Talks Electric Trio, Joy, & Being The Universe

“Writing, recording, playing. Family. Onward.”


Pylon’s Legacy Endures With New Live Album & Pylon Reenactment Society

Pylon’s philosophy is as essential now as it was thirty-five years ago.


HONNE Talk New EP, Excitement For First Tour Bus Experience

“All good things.”


Catch Up With Hockey Dad As They Gear Up For Boronia Album Release + First Headlining U.S. Tour

“We could do something half decent with playing music.”


The Maytags Talk New Album Love Lines, Don’t Want You To Litter

“Don’t litter.”


Andrew Keoghan Discusses New Album, EVERY ORCHID OFFERING, Hones In On Little Details

“I tend to hone in on little details and I’m curious about people’s backstories.”


Bishop Briggs Talks Her Love Affair With Music, Inspired by Father’s Frank Sinatra Karaoke

“That’s where the song began.”


Totally Awesome Summer Share “Bicycle”, Talk Making Music Fun Again

“We were looking to make music fun again.”

Tour Diary

A Dead Forest Index – Tour Diary

2016 North American Tour with Chelsea Wolfe


Deanna Quinn Premieres “Silent Killer”, Talks Being Named After Star Trek Characters

“I would provide people with unlimited tootsie rolls and chicken fingers.”


HIPS Share New Single “Get Up”, Admit What Their Super Powers Are

“I’m really just trying to further my queer radical feminist agenda.”


Adam Payne Premieres Famous Blondes, Wants Fans to Dance Like in The Lobster

“Each song is its own genre but they all sound like they fit together.”


Sean of Wooly Mammoths Talks Upcoming Music, Lactose Intolerance

“Nobody ate it afterwards, though.”

Shot by the Band

B Boys Tour Diary

Springtime, sunshine, broth.