Findlay Shares Photos From Recent Film Shoot with David Richardson on the Heels of Thought-Provoking Video for “Waste My Time”



The Fame Riot Talk Recent Success, Life on the Road, and Wearing a Zebra Thong

“I must say, our last NYC show was absolutely lit.”

Tour Diary

How to Have a Successfull Westworld-Themed Tour

By someone who hasn’t seen Westworld.


Goodman Premieres “Hourglass”, Talks Upcoming The Vicissitudes and His 6th Grade Science Teacher

“I think this album is the ‘albumiest’ of the Goodman albums so far.”


Sxip Shirey Talks A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees, Coping With Depression, and Janelle Monae

“I created islands of peak moments of joy.”


Emily Estefan Talks Upcoming Album Take Whatever You Want, Insecurities, and The Greats

“This is music. This is freedom.”


Split Single Talks Metal Frames, Evanston, and Never Revealing Your Real Name

“I love it here.”


Dita Von Teese Talks Upcoming Tour, “The Art of the Teese”

Spoiler Alert: She’s the most humble human.

Friends with Benefits

Jacob Schaffer, “For Me, For You”

Good chi.

Ty Richards Talks Upcoming Zillion, Creativity, and Dream Collaboration

“These songs are like children to me at this point.”


In Memoriam 2016

A tribute to some of music’s finest.


Julie Hawk Talks Musical Past, Forthcoming She Knows EP, and Gets Real About Political Landscape

“I find that this record is really connected to London for me.”


Juliette Lewis Talks Artistic Past, Future Deep, and Inspires Us All

“What keeps me coming back to music – and any art form – is necessity.”


THANKS Shares “Your Man” Success, Future Looks Bright

“Let things happen.”


The Year in Mainstream

12 Albums from the 12 Months of the Year that Was