Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Great Valley, Huffer, LIYON, Lures, Mike Sempert

Brown Shoe, James Vernon, Sunflower Bean, The Mole People, Trak Joy, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Israel Nash.


Naomi Punk hates your fake trendy bullshit

Or… Why Naomi Punk is the most important band right now.

Friends with Benefits

Only assholes cook for themselves by Stephen Tanner of Music Blues

How working in kitchens relates to the music industry.


Bombing the Pigeonhole: an interview with clipping.

Pegged as noise rap, we deconstructed the flimsy title keeping the trio down.


Goldroom’s Top 5 Daily Reminders

Josh Legg talks influences that help him tell a story in electronic music.


Addiction and Alienation with Rusty Kelley of Total Abuse

The hardcore frontman talks recovery, controversy, and still being an outcast in Austin.

Friends with Benefits

Hangin’ with Todd by Matt Kivel

Fan fiction about the legend of Olde English Spelling Bee, as told by a Woodsist artist.


Living among the dead: a Has-Lo & Castle interview

From brooding solo records, to admiring the curvatures of a posterior.


Joyce Manor’s favorite live performances

Lead vocalist Barry Johnson weighs in on the best in beer-crackin’ laptop watchin’.


Dinowalrus Re-Imagines Complexion

Peter Feigenbaum transports us to the songs that inspired the album two years ago.


Ten Minutes with Giorgio Moroder

Discussing sci-fi and shaving with the legendary musician.


Sonic Indignation with Amen Dunes, Street Eaters, Tomas Barfod

Our series on agitating ear worms continues.


Bilinda Butchers find happiness and Heaven

A heart to heart with Michal Palmer about a penultimate album.


The ridiculousness of being Viet Cong

Discussing the importance of vibrators to the music-making process.


South London in Slow Motion: Kate Tempest’s Narrative

The British artist talks weaving stories through the city and the intersection of life and art.