Pete RG Premieres “Heaven Knows” In Preparation For Tender Souls, Really Loves Sidecar Doughnuts (This is NOT an Ad)

Overwhelmingly badass.


Elderbrook Preps For Robust UK Tour, Thinks of Himself as a Domesticated Parrot

“If something sounds right just roll with it.”

Sweet Tooth

New Artist Drea Shares “Take Me Home”, Is A Midwest Girl at Heart

“A lot of this boils down to confidence.”


Falling Apart, Moving Together: Forth Wanderers Continues to Figure Out the Future

The future sluices backwards into the past.


Alt-Rock Newcomers King Shelter Discuss New Single, “Preoccupy”

The perfect blend of eclectic-novelty and local-charm.


Bear’s Den Focuses On Painting Pictures With Art, Red Earth & Pouring Rain Out Now


Bloodboy Expands On “Less Sucky” Foray Into Music, Is a Complete Badass

“I’m a little fun, a little dangerous, and obnoxiously loud.”


Stop Light Observations Share Inspiration Behind Toogoodoo, Have Big Aspirations For The Future

“The band and our friends would go out to Toogoodoo Bluff every chance we could get.”


Birdsong at Morning Preps to Release A Slight Departure, Makes Us Crave a Milkshake

Dirty ashtray.


Elizabeth Hunter Talks Motown Influence, Really Loves Breakfast

Fest Report

When The Summer Ends: The Wrecking Ball and The End of an Era

Nostalgia manifests in many forms.


Amber Mimz Talks Many Talents, Loves The Hell Out Of It

A woman of many talents.

Friends with Benefits

Get Pumped For Dreamers’ Debut LP Release This Album Does Not Exist With 5 Crazy Tour Stories

Adorable and insane.


Cool Ghouls Prep For Animal Races, Have Never Had Gangrene & Spam

“We all push each others buttons in a good way.”

Fest Report

Fields Festival Gears Up to Celebrate 2nd Year, Has S’mores to Keep the Party Fresh

“A magical community.”