Along the Southern Meridian: an interview with Gene the Southern Child & Parallel Thought

The time-zone-traversing team talk about their big Adult Swim release.

Friends with Benefits

The Flesh Second with Seamus Dalton of Monomyth

On storing your skin in a jar in order to discover a familiar hum, possibly of Mars Volta.


Looking Back and Moving On with Elvis Depressedly

Matthew Lee Cothran talks moving to Asheville, his tour with Alex G, and music industry problems.


Going Back in Time with Melted Toys

Enter San Francisco’s secret weapon.


The Man Behind Eugene Quell is not a Man Named Euguene Quell

His name is Toby Hayes, and he’s one impressive dude.


Still Reigning: Greg Cartwright Ain’t Got No Expectations

After more than a decade, Reigning Sound has signed to a major indie label, and not a moment too late.

Friends with Benefits

Camera Obscura’s Gavin Dunbar on fatherhood

Everything changes when your child first smiles at you.


We Gchatted with @Homer_Marijuana for an hour and shit was crazy

Talking radical familialism, the depravity of stoner culture, and being disgruntled with Twitter.

Head Shrinking

On the couch with Chris Gethard

Eating cornbread, talking Morrissey, and unpacking some issues.


Back and Forth with Evan Weiss and Mike Kinsella

Business model: Do what you love and fuck the rest.


Piercing the Fog: VANIISH on San Francisco’s underground history

Keven Tecon digs through his city in a chronological journey from 1980 to 2007.


Having a session with Yoshimi of OOIOO

On channeling the gamelan and coping with disaster.


We Drove to Albany to Talk to Novelist Shane Jones About Writing

Likely the first time Carmelo Anthony has been compared to Thomas Pynchon.


Descent Into Turmoil: The Fresh & Onlys’ Tim Cohen on Expectations

Which came first: the art, the artist, or the art critic?


♡Kitty♡ in Zeros & Ones: The flip side of the sad girl Tumblr aesthetic

Being a girl in binary code isn’t as black and white as you think.