At Home With Oh Pep!

“It’s pretty vibing.”


Hippo Campus: Comfort for Growing Pains

You should see them at SXSW.


Dakota Blue Talks Affinity for Western Films, Connecting With Art

“Hopefully it enables others to also feel empowered.”


Teddy Edwards Talks Debut Single “My Name”, Has Been Writing Songs Since He Was 9

“When people connect with your music, they’re connecting with you.”


Chance The Rapper Isn’t A Blueprint for Indie Artists.

Many good things, but no playbook for indies.


Mozart’s Sister Talks Field of Love, SXSW, and Dream Collaborations

“I’d also like to be inside Missy Elliott’s brain.”


JOHNNYSWIM Talk Georgica Pond, Challenging Moments, and Dream Introductions

“We hope it becomes an inheritance for our son one day.”


Sacre Shares Incredible Single “Gaia”, Talk Conservatory Upbringing, and Consistent Studio Life

“Just fight for it.”

Friends with Benefits

Sarah Solovay Refused to Settle, and Her Blossoming Career is Proof

“So I parted ways with my management team, declined offers for recording contracts and focused on filling out college applications.”


To Write Love on Her Arms Founder Jamie Tworkowski Talks Healthy Coping Mechanisms, Fun History, and Bringing Hope #into17

“We try to do that in ways that are creative and that move people.”


Chandler Travis Shares New Album Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1, Talks Altering His Course and Fun Tour Memories

“Life is a crapshoot!”


The Shadowboxers Talk Humble Beginnings, Pita Chips, and New Music for 2017

“We’re like a 3-way married couple.”


Glassio Shares “Search & Destroy”, Talk Meeting at NYU and Fun Music-Making Dynamic

“We really connect over melodic, and soulful music.”

Friends with Benefits

Jacob Schaffer, “Hawk Eye”

“I like to think the key to life has something to do with balance.”


The New Up Talks Tiny Mirrors, Enjoys MJ and Penis Shaped Doughnuts

“A doughnut shaped like a penis.”