Interviewing Monotonix over the groupies


The Israeli Knesset’s worst nightmare other than pulled pork pitas for Purim.


Sjimon Gompers | November 8, 2010

monotonix with groupies

Monotonix, and mystery guests. All photos by Jenz.

Right about when boredom set in late Sunday afternoon at the Treasure Island Music Festival, the Monotonix came and thrashed up everything and everyone gathering around the tunnel stage (which they did not play on, I might add, although I think Yonatan might have played in the photo pit for a couple licks). Lead singer Ami Shalev, guitarist Yonatan Gat and drummer Haggai Fershtman met me in the press tent and escorted me passed the security checkpoint to their posh backstage tent where we discussed Hebraic etymologies, our family ties, histories, and classified matters of securities that I could tell you about if you officially swear all ignorance of this following interview.

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