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On ripping Frank Black melodies on the road to <i>Unapologetic Art Rap</i>.


Blake Gillespie | March 2, 2010

Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle won't apologize for his ravings. We have no problem with that. His ravings are justified, even encouraged.

Open Mike Eagle is a second generation Project Blowedian. He's been down with the collective since his move to L.A. in '04. Known for his prior work in crews like Thirsty Fish and Swim Team, Open Mike Eagle's solo Unapologetic Art Rap, should perk ears towards his smoothed out delivery. He may not be Cali-born, but he is certainly fit to have a Cali-hustler's drawl that encourages comparisons to a young Calvin Broadus.

The first single “Unapologetic” has Open Mike swearing off the status quo with a reinterpretation of Posdnous' firm stance on “I Am I Be.” Mike Eagle trades bars with fellow Blowedian Nocando, who earns his keep with lines like “I don't give a fuck if you're somebody's co-worker / from so and so burger / that freestyles with MC Mo Murder.”

Still this is a Mike Eagle song and he holds it down with lines like, “because my little brother never listened to Little Brother” and “that's the demographic since it's been adapted / bottled up and sold as some old n**** magic.” It's clear Mike Eagle has been waiting a long time to go for his, even on the celebratory “Everybody's Birthday,” released on the Philaflava Project, Eagle is critical of L.A. dream chasers – claiming a downfall due to misguided energy. If it weren't for his softly crooned delivery, Eagle might come off like an angry dinosaur, but he admits, he's “a nutcase displaying an obvious what-the-fuck face.”

Unapologetic Art Rap is out May 11 on Mush Records. Download “Unapologetic” on the Mush site.

Open Mike Eagle, “Everybody's Birthday”

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