Stay Inside, As You Were

Emotionally charged.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: KNXVES, Macajey, The Nico Missile

Dream Cult, ivyaura, JJUUJJUU, King Willow, LAPD, Sarah P., guest selections by Lydia Ainsworth.

SXSW 2017 Talent Increases Your Behind the Scenes Fun With Social Media Takeovers

A perfect storm.

Fresh Daily

“Amy Told Me,” ft. Lo Roxx

“Please reply before my heart turns cold.”

Tour Diary

Peaer Shares Peaer Self Titled, Preps for SXSW With Photo Diary

March madness.

Fresh Daily

Moors remixes ALA.NI’s “Cherry Blossom”

Actor Keith Stanfield and Hrishikesh Hirway are Moors


Dave Hause Releases Bury Me In Philly, Talks “Aha” Moment

“I feel like someone just gave me the keys to the Millennium Falcon.”

Sweet Tooth

Denny White, “Traces”

Just landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

AM Gold

Maniac, “Precision Accuracy”

Frisbees & full frontal nudity.

AM Gold

Garrett Pierce, “Distant Thought”

A crossroads between dark lyrics and uplifting melodies.

Friends with Benefits

Jacob Schaffer, “For Me, For You”

Good chi.


BOYTOY, “Want”

Hazy & melodic with a surprise chorus.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Julia Anrather, Passive Tones, Snuff Redux

Bat House, The Gift, Oddnesse, guest selections by Sad13.


Juan de Fuca, “AA”

Formed in the wake of a friend’s tragic death.


Wet Leather Premiere The Feeling Is Mutual, Share Brother Tiger Remix of “Too Serious”

There is truth in their “anxiety pop” claim.