A Sunday New Year Premiere- Wooter, “The World Spins For You and I”


A Song for Believers, Dreamers, and Lovers


Joseph Anthony Evans | December 31, 2017

A happy new year from Wooter as he presents us with his final song¬†“The World Spins For You and I” off the album “Credits”. For the naturally gifted Rowan Brind It was never a problem when it came to writing or producing. His burning passion is to give the world something that has always been in his blood. Today marks the last track release of the remarkable album “Credits”.

Here’s Wooter with words about “The World Spins For You and I”,

This one’s about love. They’re all about love. I love you.


Rowan has done an appreciable job showing the listeners his world, and the world each of us lives in by making meaningful and inspirational music. Brind makes his temporary and unforgettable close with the unwinding and manifesting track “The World Spins For You and I” . This is proof of just what his talent can bring the people today and in the future. A Happy New Year to all from Wooter and Impose Magazine.






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