ash.ØK with the latest single “The Unraveled”


ash.ØK’s album is set for release on January 19th


Virginia Croft | October 23, 2017

Based in Philadelphia, PA, producer ash.ØK blends feelings of melancholy with sultry beats on his latest single, “The Unraveled.” Highlighting Rebecca Loebe on vocals, the track is subdued, a laid back approach to electronic, a genre that can sometimes be too fast-paced to feel settling. Ashok Kailath, the artist behind ash.ØK, is a first generation Indian-American, balancing influences of that culture with his Philly roots, resulting in a truly one of a kind sound.

“The Unraveled” is the title track to ash.ØK ‘s upcoming debut album, engineered by Grammy-winning Jeff Chestak (Kanye West, T.I., Linkin Park, N.E.R.D., Justin Timberlake) and Ryan Schwabe (King Britt, Baauer, Ellie Goulding, RJD2). A hazy, dream-like music video accompanies the track, directed by Patrick Mason. Keep up with ash.ØK here.


Photo credit: Dan Drufovka


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