Blonde Wolf, “Truth”


The result of endearment


Virginia Croft | December 4, 2017

For Brandon Patitucci, truth and serenity simply flow through his music. Performing and recording under Blonde Wolf, his tracks are serene and heartfelt. His latest single, “Truth,” is a melancholic look into experiencing a fresh wave of love. Regarding the track, Patitucci added, “There are times in our lives when the truth is undeniably clear to us. I had such a moment in Innsbruck, Austria when the truth of love was revealed to me. It didn’t so much come to me in words, as love can’t. It came as a feeling without thought, a deeper understanding. There was a guitar where I was staying that night, and this song was written in that post truth clarity.”

The track is lyrically enticing, especially with lines like, “there’s more to us than shattered trust/past and lust, bones and dust.” Blonde Wolf fuses delicate guitars with bold vocals. You can keep up with Blonde Wolf here.

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