Kailee Morgue “Unfortunate Soul”

Virginia Croft

Following the explosion of her incredible track “Medusa,” Kailee Morgue brings us her latest triumphant anthem of honesty and optimism– “Unfortunate Soul.” It’s a raw look at everyday life and taking the obstacles for what they are, a perpetual approach of rolling with the punches.

Only nineteen, Kailee Morgue is quickly proving herself as one to watch in 2018. Based in Los Angeles, her music has a sun-soaked quality to it, but a realistic filter that only her environment could induce– perhaps the result of sticking out a climb to success in her field. Earning praises from the New York Times and the Fader, she’s full of spunk and sheer grit, churning out clever, punchy pop tracks. Part of her debut EP Medusa, “Unfortunate Soul” is an ode to the underdogs, and those that won’t let the world beat them down. Take it as needed, and dance away your woes.

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Photo credit goes to Meredith Truax