Premiere: Tim Atlas presents the track “Talk”


All Talk is set to be released on March 6th, and you can catch Tim at SXSW at multiple showcases.


Virginia Croft | February 22, 2018

Tim Atlas has an incredibly bright future ahead of him– and a busy one, at that. His latest single, ” Talk” marks the first track off his upcoming EP, All Talk. It’s a shimmery track, with the same effects as laying out in the sun for five minutes– you’re sure to feel refreshed afterward. Los Angeles based Tim Atlas recorded and mixed the entire track– and EP, himself, and if that wasn’t remarkable enough, he acted as his own booking agent, landing himself gigs across Europe. His outgoing personality and sheer talent were noticed by members of Young the Giant, who then asked Tim to open for their side project, American Pets.

 “Talk” evokes pastel sunsets, 80s convertibles, and breaking just a few rules with your friends. Regarding the EP, Tim added,  “When you hear that someone is “All Talk”, it means that they tend to promise a lot, but in the end, they don’t deliver… This record is about backing our words up with actions, even in the face of fear.”



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