Slashed Tires, “Mull it Over”

Ari Spool

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Slashed Tires is a solo project from a Seattle guy named Kenneth M. Pierkarski, which I found because an artist I follow on Facebook named Clyde Peterson took the really nice portrait he uses as a cover art for the EP we are talking about, assure, which is being released by a small label in Seattle called Off Tempo. Just to have somewhere to start, let's talk about the track off the EP that Slashed Tires is giving away, a really nice slice of jovial Tom Tom Club-like effervescence called “Mull it Over”.

Kenneth sings very catchy couplet over a slippery R&B bassline and a very tiny little picked guitar line. He's presenting an offer to a lover, one which must surely include sunny, lazy days of just hanging out between the bedsheets: “Nothing will be done except for us/I've been dreaming about everything”. Interrupting him before he can finish is guest vocalist Abi Swanson, who, without a doubt, must be accepting the offer. Her curling, reverbed vocals spiral around the rhythm and whisper in its ear. The rest of the record is streaming and I recommend you listen – there are many moments worth hearing.

Slashed Tires, “Mull it Over”

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