Week in Pop: BSKi, The Ruby Suns, Tunabunny

Sjimon Gompers

Behind & beyond the celebrity masquerades with your heroes Tunabunny; photographed by Jennie Cain.

Confident Hitmakers

Stockton’s heck-raisers Confident Hitmakers, from left; Eli Wengrin & Logan Wells; photographed by 209 legend Andrew Schultz.

Stockton legends Confident Hitmakers invite you to get in their super sweet ride as they plow through the yellow cones & take us on a trip to rendezvous on the other side on Eli Wengrin’s video for “Heavenly Encounters”. Celestial leaning sentiments are exhibited in visuals that run from bowling alley lanes, late evening ATM scores to obsessions over the visage of George Washington all play out in an electric pop odyssey for the senses.

From Logan Wells’ invitation to “get in, dude”—we are on for a ride along through Stockton locales & the like. The track’s electro-minimalism mixes thoughts of isolation with hopes of chance encounters with heaven sent folks as we are brought to empty dives, the decent of a glass elevator, dark passage ways, the companionship of a bowling alley & a closing snippet of the “Hill Street Blues” theme courtesy of the Daniel Caine Orchestra. Eli’s visual treatment transforms the elusive & aloof song into a moody nocturne outting into nearby haunts in search of self actualization.

Confident Hitmaker Eli Wengrin penned the following epistolary reflecting on the making of the video for “Heavenly Encounters”:


I am director of the video, Confident Hitmakers: “Heavenly Encounters”.

This video, I think, is a portrait of an individual whom had been made lost in unfathomable ways and so embarks on a search for his self. The character in this video is shown driving a 2008 Mazda 3—all white w/ custom black detail—and sipping Coors beer in the bowling alley mead hall.

When he takes money from the ATM he is all of us; when he looks at the pictures Of George on his device he is one of us.

Please don’t judge.

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