Wood Chips with the debut single “Heartbeat”

Virginia Croft

As January drags on, the warm weather feels too far away, and the cold seems to settle in more and more. Fortunately, Wood Chips’ debut single, “Heartbeat,” seems to turn the thermostat up a notch. Wood Chips, the brainchild of Danish producer Andreas Asingh, creates punchy tracks, doused in 80s pop and rock influences. Asingh’s music comes from a place of struggle and trauma– his beautiful son Karlo was born with Down’s Syndrome, and when he became critically ill and fortunately survived, Asingh decided to move his family from Copenhagen to the Danish countryside, where they now reside in an old ranch.

Family is a strengthening factor for Asingh, and it rings out in his music, their presence and love giving him the aid to continue. Additionally, all tracks are recorded by Asingh, except for the drums, recorded by his 13 year old son Albert. “Heartbeat” is a gentle track, Asingh’s motion to be grateful for our good health and loved ones.


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