MCI 16 track 2-inch tape machine.

Outside the store.

Michael Stein and Chad Allen working on synthesizers.

Hauling another synth to be fixed.

Switched On warehouse.

Chad Allen.

The inside of two Wurlitzers.

A circuit bent toy.

An Arp AXXE, the little brother to the ARP Odyssey.

Chad Allen, co-owner, and former member of the band Zom Zoms.

Circuits from the inside of a reel-to-reel.

Customers browsing.

A rare, vintage Italian Davolisint synthesizer.

Modern desktop analog synth.

Eurorack modules in a Pittsburgh case.

Juan Cisneros.

A remade Mellotron from the late ’90s.

Oberheim 4 Voice synthesizer.

Oberheim 4 Voice synthesizer.

An old Arp Odyssey next to a new Arp.

Michael Stein’s (S U R V I V E, Joey) workspace.

The original Akai MPC, as used by DJ Shadow.

Patrick from Pataphysics, another employee, playing a rare Elka Synthex.

Patrick in his workspace.

Patrick’s work space.

Pedals from all eras.

Where they photograph the products for their website.

Rack mounts.

Old test equipment.

A ’60s VCS3.