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Black Milk, “True Lies”

The second single from his upcoming Fever album.

Everything is Recorded ft. Sampha and Owen Pallett, “Everything Is Recorded”

Everything is Recorded, AKA XL Records co-founder Richard Russell, releases a creative video on the eve of his debut album.

YG Tut ft. Isiah Rashad, “Trill Dreams”

YG Tut gave his fans what they were asking for.

Run The Jewels Announces New Craft Beers ; Jump On Track With BOOTS

Killa Mike and El-P are staying busy.

Cozz Drops Kendrick and Cole features from upcoming album

Cozz lets out a couple high-profile teasers before the album’s release.

Dre Dollasz, “OneOfOne”

The second single from his upcoming Dollar General project.

Kid Trails, “People Has It Hard”

A single from the Naming EP.

H09909 and 3TEETH announce tour, release “Lights Out”

The tour will begin March 28th.

Shaboozey, “Winning Streak”

Shaboozey shows off a win streak in his 70’s themed video.

Bishop Nehru drops trailer for upcoming MF Doom and Kaytranada-produced album

Nehru is aiming to make “Grammy Rap” and a “rap Pet Sounds.”

Conquista Ft. Tattoo Money and PRKR, “Quica”

“You ain’t progressive ’cause you went and saw Get Out.

IDK ft. Denzel Curry, “NO_WAVE”

An energetic collaboration between the two artists.

India’s Backdoor Festival Launches Amnesty International India Campaign

The campaign is focused on Online Violence/Harassment against women.

Kemba, “No You Ain’t” (JME REMIX)

The Bronx rhymer breathes new life into a 2015 track by Grime artist JME.

Adrian Daniel ft. History, “Deadly Attraction” Remix

A remix before FLAWD drops on 3/2.

Arin Ray ft. DRAM , “Communication”

A smooth, pop-leaning R&B track.

QNA, “Grind”

A single from their upcoming XII album.

Deca, “Mammon’s Mantra”

Living through a dystopia.

Latasha, “GLO UP”