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Miles Bonny, ‘Let It Out’ EP

A lush 6-track EP

Fritzwa, “A-Train”

Adventure awaits on the A train.

Lute, “Still Slummin'”

Single from his West 1996 Pt. 2 project

FAUX, “Take Back Time”

Futuristic flashback.

Cambatta, “Crown of Thorns (Kether)”

Bars on top of bars.

Chanhays ft. Skyzoo, Uptown XO, Elzhi, “Running”

“It all makes sense over beautiful beats.”

Adrian Daniel, “Open Up”


Meyhem Lauren ft. Roc Marciano, “Street Religion”

First single from the DJ Muggs collab album Gems From The Equinox

Kazitexx, “Vibe Nou”

Second single from their debut SAN KONPLEX EP

Alexander Lewis, “Off Guard”

Caught “Off Guard.”

Deca, “Skyward”

“I’m learning not to hold my tongue, but how to hold a tone.”

Wasiu ft Lou Phelps and KNLO, “Artbeat Cypher”

Fromm his MTLiens 2 project

XL Middleton, “Purple Sheets”

Single from his upcoming Things Are Happening album.

Antwon, “94s”

First single from his upcoming Sunnyvale Gardens project.

Ebenezer, “Cliche”

A smooth loosie from the London upstart.

Flobots, “Quarantine”


Duncecap Announces New Album, Drops 1st Single

Rapping is for idiots dropping November 10th

Warm Brew, “Small Victories”


Radamiz, “Thousand Chains Freestyle”

“Thousand chains on your neck don’t make me give you respect.”