Brett Yale

{ Brett writes Bmore Musically Informed, and helps run Friends Records. }

Brett writes Bmore Musically Informed, and helps run Friends Records.

Brett Yale's Posts

Count the Stars, or don’t

The beauty of enjoying Beach House’s newest without any preconceived notions.

Welcome to the Summit Tape Club

Impose and Analog Coffee invites you to gather ‘round.

An open letter to GEICO

Fuck you. Love, Baltimore.

Weekends' New Humans rises from the ashes

The Baltimore record that survived the Open Space studio fire.

Baltimore Tape Club Vol. 3

Gather 'round for new tapes from Zomes, Sick Din, and Unspecified Services.

Baltimore Tape Club Vol. 2

Change your Walkman’s batteries for tapes by Rod Hamilton, Raindeer and Daniel Higgs.

Premiere: Height with Friends, “Infinity Ballroom '82”

Turn back the clock and boogie down with a new Height with Friends jam.

Baltimore Tape Club

Gather round for new tapes from Horse Lords, Smoke Bellow, Other Colors and Zachary Utz.

Scapescape 2013 Lineup

Baltimore music fest featuring Celebration, Roomrunner, Rye Rye and more.

Interview: Soft Cat

Stop working and stream the new Soft Cat album.

Time is Zomes

The new LP from Asa Osborne explores new zones.

Art Lord & the Self-Portraits

2xLP & 10 year reunion show via pre-Future Islands outfit.

Best Baltimore Songs of 2012

A healthy portion of Jenn Wasner, and a whole lot of covers.

Best Baltimore Albums of 2012

The best music recordings from Baltimore, Maryland in 2012.

Dungeonesse, “Drive You Crazy”

First single from new super-duo, Jenn Wasner and Jon Ehrens.

Scapescape 2012 schedule

Over 75 bands performing at the all-Baltimore fest.

The Snails Want Your Snails

Baltimore's answer to the California Raisins solicits your art.

Chester Endersby Gwazda and Bamboo

Two Baltimore groups debut albums and tour together.

Mixtape: Baltimore: Summer 2012

A collection of new songs from Baltimore tailor-made for sweating.