Elizabeth Schneider

One of the most amazing and talented people you will ever meet.

Elizabeth Schneider's Posts

Dan Misha Goldman, “Corners”

A rainy day, perfect fit.

Bear Fight, “Harlem”


Moral Panic, Moral Panic

Pure, high-energy punk.

Edison Premiere “The Good Fight” (Yayo Remix) Ahead of SXSW Appearance

Hope is the undertone.

Light Thieves, “Stay Present”

Is it all a dream, or is it reality?

The Present Age, “Daisies”

A fresh melody.

Kidsmoke, “Waves”

A modern classic.

Prime Ministers, “Satisfied”


The Darling Buds, “Complicated”

Infectious beats and sparkling vocals.

SEPHA, “Real Enough”

Draws you in immediately.

Equators, “Tut’s Lazy Burial”

Dreamy, fluid with haunting lyrics.

Surf Dads, “Scary Liza”

An invite to dance like no one is watching.

Office Culture, “Big Scheme”

A velvety smooth melody.

Whimsical, “Lost and Found”

A wonderfully strong piece.

Narrow Waves, “Hear Me Out”

Pitch perfect harmonies.

Silence in the Snow, “Lost Gems”

A pulsating vision.

All Things Blue, “Milk & Honey”

Fresh sounds and fun rhythms.

Steady Sun, “Life At One Twenty Two”


Young Fox, “Sometimes the Monsters Win”

Emotional and skillful.