Elizabeth Schneider

For years, Elizabeth Schneider has kept her finger on the pulse of all things pop culture. She’s a well-rounded advocate of up-and-coming music, and her deep-rooted knowledge of the industry comes from years of working in entertainment. Securing a full-time job right out of college with the then Kansas City Kings, her expansive career has included many roles, her experience robust because of her talent and “can-do” attitude.

Elizabeth currently works in the box office at Sprint Center, the premier event venue in Kansas City. She is a freelance writer, has been a staff writer for Impose since 2016, and has been an overall badass since the day she was born.

Elizabeth Schneider's Posts

Kino Kimino, “Pale Calico”

Full of life and energy.

Plastic Picnic, “Miss It Still”


Dream Machine, The Illusion

“We promise you won’t miss anything.”

Joe Fox, “Sweet Song”


Lee Watson, Lee Watson

A melodic stroll through nature.

Birch, “Nobody Lives Forever”

Hypnotic, crystalline.

The Big Drops, “Baskets of Love”


Christopher Gold & The New Old Things, You Are A Ghost

Makes you think.

MORI, “Contender”

Begs you to sing at the top of your lungs.

Flora Cash, Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)


Sophie Sputnik, Mental Suburbia

An incredible solo passion project.

The Turns, “Just Like You”

Sixties in sound, contemporary in its message.

Rey Pila, Wall of Goth

A rock album disguised as a dance record.

Broke Royals, “Saving Time”

…There is even a guitar solo for you rock purists.

TENTS, “Back Yards”

A definite add.

DogStar Tantra, “Open Eyes”

Animated and full of energy.

Jesse Hale Moore at City Winery


Son & Thief, Repair


The Gift, Altar

Fresh sounds and meaningful music.