Emily Chu

Emily Chu is a student at Washington University in St. Louis. Pasta and sushi enthusiast. She enjoys cooking and crafting, and often refers to herself as an old lady in a young body. 

Emily Chu's Posts

The Steoples, “From The Otherside”

Their music is defined as “genre free.”

Hedera, “Missing Yesterday”

The most soothing music video of all time.

Photay, “Outré Lux” (feat. Madison McFerrin)

The track is expressive and just pulls you in.

Bent Knee, Land Animal

Chill, rhythmic.

Quiet Hollers, “Funny Ways”

Alt-country awesomeness.

Benedek, “Castle 2 Castle”

Pulls inspiration from the city’s structural and visual dichotomies.

Honors, “Say Yes”

“Say Yes” is slow, seductive, and powerful.

The Drums, Abysmal Thoughts

According to frontman Jonny Pierce, this is some of the most relevant work they’ve done.

Bell Stray, “Poison Dreams”

our American Dream

Mind Coats, “Spectral Dancers From Knots”

Lucid and electronic.

Quicksilver Daydream, Echoing Halls

It tells the tale of overcoming your limits and self-reliance.

MAXX, “Glitch”

Stephanie Mae, “Dying For Your High”

The song is more of a metaphor for addiction of any kind— whether to a person, or a vice of any sort.

Brian Hill, “Who is Who”

There’s just something about this video that brings you back in time.

Bike Thiefs, “Destination Wedding”

Monopoly with… real money?

JIM, “Under Attack”

The summery pop anthem you’ve been waiting for.

Wafia, “83 Days”

“83 days and I’m still not over you…”

Xie, “Just Like Me”

Regardless of our differences or even similarities, we are all in it together.

Kidsmoke, Save Your Sorrow

vocals blend together flawlessly, and no element overpowers the other