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Lauren Ruth Ward “Sideways”

A trinket from the selcouth

Ven, “Meditate”

“One word popped into my mind. Meditate.”

TOLEDO, “Hesperus”

From the debut album ‘Saint Sebastion” set to release in a couple months.

Sam Himself Gives Impose a Playlist

An Arrangement of Foot Tapping Music

Album – RJ Thompson ‘Echo Chamber’

Tracks such as Echo Chamber & The Girl and The Gunman have a unique vintage spirit that seems lost in a lot of contemporary music

News – Spotify Hit With $1.6 Billion Publishing Lawsuit

It’s not the first time that Spotify has been hit with publishing woes, and it’s unlikely to be the last.

JAKLYN presents “Syrup” with TRKRNR

The inspiration we all need to pay attention to

Brett Castro “Picture Perfect”

The Shoes of Brett Castro

WaxMistress, “A Reflection”

The pleasures of daydreaming

Firestations, “Build A Building”

A flawless pop pastiche

Miles Dismond, “All to Myself”


Trummor & Orgel, “Metropolis”

The kind of music that can never be put into words.

Coyote Mustache, “Laced”

Embrace the multigenre

SAVV presents “Mirror”

Motivation to persevere

Jake Klar “Eleanor”

“Until The Wild Fire Becomes Paradise” is an incomparable work of art

André Salvador and the Von Kings “Tune It In”

More perseverance

Petrus Nordh “Break in Half”


Old S Resort “Whiskey”

Sending you away on a literal mind-altering gyrate.

Retro Kid “Kool Kids”

Jake Juba shows us his Beat producing techniques with his Subliminal sounds.