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#OFFBRAND lineups and schedule announced

Saturday, August 8 at Secret Project Robot.

Watch Porches perform “Forgive” at Storm King Arts Center

Music and nature is always a good combination.

Wolf Eyes releasing rare albums on Bandcamp, touring East Coast

Deep cuts from nearly two decades of dread.

Hundred Waters share stems from The Moon Rang Like A Bell

Available for downloading and remixing.

Read Darkmatter’s essential perspective on marriage and equality

“An LGBT movement that focuses on very narrow agendas is not serving a community
that, as a whole, has much more urgent and concrete needs, like housing and jobs.” —Darkmatter

Cypher League make a print magazine

We chatted about the process and the product.

Hot Sugar, Crying, and Yung Gutted at Union Pool’s Summer Thunder

Your IRL dance party of the summer.

RVIVR to play Brooklyn TransCore stage at Punk Island

Along with Penguin, Girlcrush, Homewreckers, CUTTERS, Dreamcrusher, and more!

The Best Music of 2015 (So Far)

The most exciting new music our contributors have heard this year.

Impose & Infinity Cat present #DustOffYourWalkman

The best Instagram gets a haul of out-of-print cassettes.

Rhinefarm Session: Alina Hardin, “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover)

Even in wine country, falling love isn’t safe.

Labeled Update: Debacle Records talk transition, sister label, and festival

From bachelor party to official festival, the crew discuss keeping Debacle Fest alive for eight years.

Xenomorph launches on New Hive

Featuring original mixtapes and art from Dreamcrusher, Molly Soda, Huerco S., and more.

Slice Harvester is putting out a memoir

A life in pizza.

Stream Sister Crayon’s Devoted LP

Mending the rift between the stage and the studio on the new LP.

HITS, “Know What I Mean”

From former members of Explode into Colors and !!!.

Freddie Gibbs launches GoFundMe for Gary, Indiana school supplies

A worthy cause that shouldn’t need to be.

Really Big Pinecone, embrace the boss

A real soundtrack for a fake game about contemplation, understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Rhinefarm Session: The Blank Tapes performs “Candy”

Finding a grove to channel a character from Lou Reed’s past.