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The End Of Brooklyn

An interview with Wonder's Ben Fama and Andrew Durbin.

Patrick Wensink v. Jack Daniel's

Mediocre whiskey politely takes on independent publishing, with unexpected viral results.

Illuminati Bubble Bath That Turns Your Bath Water Black

Steve Roggenbuck made me forget that drugs exist.

Cool It!

Popsickle represents most good things in Brooklyn Poetry.

Beach Buddies

Genre fiction, guilty pleasures, and the fallacy of the 'Beach Book'.

Litquake comes to New York, Saves World

Can the Lit Crawl revive the reading format?

Margaret Atwood Has 319017 Followers On Twitter

Five literary authors who are good at Twitter, and five Tweeters who should be writing literature.

What to listen to at The Ungovernables

An audio companion for the New Museum Triennial.

What to listen to at the Whitney Biennial

A downloadable mixtape for enjoying art while staying punk and not talking to anyone.

A set of opinions you can have about the Oscars

We give you the gift of knowing what to say when losers ask "Did you watch the Oscars?"

Oscarsworld 2012 – our predictions

Don't feel left out of your office betting pool just because you don't care.