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The Q&A with Playing to Vapors

The rigorous series

Typhoon, “Darker”

With the utmost sincerity

Jason Nolan, “Palma Fauna”

Subdued by the flair of a didactic.

Darkbird – Bad Self

Dependant on rock music

VSTRS – Annmaria


Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Too Much Choice”

Hear the profound passion from the depths of Wooter

Catalina “Alvarado”

A Consuming Poem

Eyes Behind the Veil – Everlasting Threshold

An eloquent slow burner.

Weaver “Boxes”

A refined approach

Rain on Monday “Kill My Love”

Eliciting certain mechanisms in your brain

Wooter “It Was There” – Sunday Premiere

Influencing ones state of mind

The Morelings “Before”

Inculcate Nostalgia

Welfare “Sadie”

Just passing the time

Oscar Jerome “Subdued”

Savor the Taste of Oscar’s Nonpareil Amalgam.

Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Finger”

Behold the Mind of Rowan Brind

Ben Pagano Introduces us to the track “Members Only”

Currently working on a third album release expected out in 2018

Goodfight “Florida Room”

The Pioneers of Sound Itself.

Wooter “Basement Kid”

Not all work for the world

Evalyn presents the sounds of Venice beach

Music that Describes the Seaside