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{ Luke Carrell writes for International Tapes and owns many different cassette players. }

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The Best Cassette Releases of 2013

The finest in live recordings, compilations, fanciful albums, and dick pics (NSFW).

Nate Grace and Jesse Jenkins of Pure X

Discussing the growth between Pleasure and Crawling Up The Stairs.

Jeremy Harris pka Lazy Magnet

Conducting his first interview a year short of retiring his 19-year-old moniker.

The Best Cassette Releases of 2012

An unbiased and thorough exploration of the best plastic packages by our resident expert.

Super Minotaur, Super Minotaur

Mosh on your commute with the fuck-you anthem of 2012.

Guilty Ghosts, Veils

A musician in hibernation for two years emerges with a new cassette.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Lost in Those Dunes

Ambient music that refuses to be background music, on the loudest cassette player possible.

HOUNDSds, Phone Thou

The sweaty fingerprints of Mancunian guitar pop with EPIC SYNTH MOMENTS.

Magic Eye, Shreddin' on Heaven's Floor

Try to listen during a spring sunset, if you can.

Troller's self-titled on a Soviet cassette player

Doomy grooves and a phallic use of an axe.

The B​.​Young​/​EMP Split

Harnessing the power of Tupac's death and cheap keyboards.

The B‚Äã.‚ÄãYoung‚Äã/‚ÄãEMP Split

Harnessing the power of Tupac's death and cheap keyboards.

Honeydrum, When the Young Are Gone

Premiering the new video for "Suddenly Heaven" and listening on a Canadian Walkman.

Each Other, Taking Trips

Harnessing psychedelic melodies in a Subaru.

Julie Byrne, You Would Love it Here

Singer/songwriter with a convincing case for the pastoral.

Lockbox, Hypersecret

Continuously listening to headphones music on the champagne of Walkmans.

Casino Gardens, Fantasies in Cools Palace

Sonic collage, as heard on a '90s boombox.

Birds of Passage, Winter Lady

Structured headphones music with a slightly menacing touch.

Gravys Drop on a boom box

For the Love of Gravy is a strangely appetizing record.