Virginia Croft

Virginia Croft just wants to eat waffles with Stephen Colbert. When she’s not daydreaming about that, she’s documenting cole slaws here and tweeting over here.  You can read more of her work on Paste, Pop Culture Puke, and Treble Zine.

Virginia Croft's Posts

Astral Samara, “See Through”

Warming soundscape.

Two Cheers, Rollick

Heartfelt lyrics with 90s pop-esque riffs.

Derde Verde, “Staring Into Dying Light”

Quaint, but firm.

Umm Share “I’m In Love”, Talk Writing Process and Touring “Forever”

“Play some shows, repeat forever.”

Gracie and Rachel, “(Un)comfortable”

Talent shining through.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, “Footprints On The Moon”

Pure energy.

Ward White, As Consolation

Ethereal, almost heavenly.

Wintermute, “Rah”

A newly examined place.

Steady Sun, Indifferent World

Fuzzy surf rock.

Count Vaseline, “Russia”

Punchy and coarse.

VERSA, “This Is Where We Disappear”


Polarcode, “Devices” (ft. Taylor John Williams)

Dark and entrancing.

Jet Trash, “Virgin”

Charmingly chaotic.

Fritz Montana, “Chop”

One damn catchy tune.

Lux Pacific, “Edge of Horizon”

Dreamy and delectable.

Bloody Your Hands, “Bad Weather”

Relaxed and mellow.

Kyle T. Hurley, KTH II


HR_Lexy, “Eyes”

Calculated and concise.

Spencer Anthony, Words to Hide Behind

Insightful lines and velvety riffs.