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Virginia Croft just wants to eat waffles with Stephen Colbert. When she’s not daydreaming about that, she’s documenting cole slaws here and tweeting over here.  You can read more of her work on Paste, Pop Culture Puke, and Treble Zine.

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Emily Warren with “Poking Holes”

At 25, it’s clear Warren’s path is growing every day.


Caravan 222 – Beatriz

A hypnotic tune that will soak your brain

Haily Taylor “Just A Girl”

The indelible warmth from Haily Taylor’s impassioned vocals

Jacob Peter “Ateles”

Echolalia to be released November 17th, 2017

ash.ØK with the latest single “The Unraveled”

ash.ØK’s album is set for release on January 19th

FIVEOCLOCKCHARLIE Presents the single “Onlies”

Georgias take on electronic music is dark and upfront, as she brings everything to the table.


Young Creatures release new single “The Future is Finally Now”

Young Creatures Announce a Record Release Show at The Hi Hat & Adolescent Lounge Nov. 25th, 2017

Yellow Days “Holding On”

On a spooky note, Van den Broek will be spending Halloween performing at Pitchfork Paris

Jeffrey Martin Releases his Third Full Length Album “One Go Around”

Very Powerful Music

5J Barrow with The Journey Vol. 1

Pick up your tickets for the New York show

SomeKindaWonderful with the new single “Lion”

The hit single “Lion” streaming everywhere now

Freaks of the Sea present the single “Brainwash”

Look out for the upcoming EP titled ” Western Medicine” expected out later this year

Kauf on inspiration and process for “Regrowth”

“Regrowth”- A potent work of art

Derde Verde with their latest single “Ready to Fall”


“Ready to Fall” is part of Derde Verde’s upcoming EP, Meander Belt, out via Kursaal Records in December

Exclusive Premiere for Ghostel “Buckley Get Your Gun”

Following radio spins by
John Kennedy
BBC Radio 1
s Huw Stephens
Phil Taggart
6 Music
s Tom
Steve Lamacq (as Featured Artist Of The Week)
recording sessions with Bill Ryder Jones
and Spring King
s Tarek Musa ensued
After a year of performing packed-out shows and numerous festivals
across UK and France
the trio found their way into the pages of style magazines such as
#7 Spotify viral charts
with last years floor filler
He Sings
They finished the year as part of
s Class of 2017
100 for 2017
14th most blogged artist of 2016
on the
Hype Machine Zeitgeist
end of year list.

Latest track off the upcoming album “1414”

Astral Samara, “See Through”

Warming soundscape.

Two Cheers, Rollick

Heartfelt lyrics with 90s pop-esque riffs.

Derde Verde, “Staring Into Dying Light”

Quaint, but firm.

Umm Share “I’m In Love”, Talk Writing Process and Touring “Forever”

“Play some shows, repeat forever.”