A Lot Like Birds, DIVISI


A love letter.


Meredith Schneider | May 15, 2017

Sacramento’s self-proclaimed “progressive/post-whatever/experimental” collective A Lot Like Birds – comprised of Cory Lockwood (vocals), Michael Franzino (guitar), Ben Wiacek (guitar), Matt Coate (bass/vocals), and Joe Arrington (drums) – has released a stunner of a compilation in their new 12 track album DIVISI. Beginning with the sultry track “Always Burning, Always Dark” – whose sound is directly indicated by the title of it -, the album propels itself forward with perfectly produced percussion driving every track. Lockwood’s signature punk-driven vocals bring both a nostalgic feel (not unlike the early 2000’s pop punk movement) and a fresh voice to the topics that they cover within the release.

What we see in this album is a love letter. A love letter to each note from each instrument. A love letter to past, present, and future significant others. A love letter to that which has inspired A Lot Like Birds’ existence. Rife with incredibly orchestrated anthems, reverb for days that sets a slightly hollow tone to the instrumentals at times, and creatively woven lyrics, DIVISI is the perfect album for those of us who have an affinity for standout pop/punk style. And watch out for those guitar breakdowns that find themselves getting your adrenaline pumping in most of the songs.

Tracks of note: “No Attention for Solved Puzzles”, “Good Soil, Bad Seeds”

DIVISI is available now.

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