Bishop Briggs, Bishop Briggs

Meredith Schneider

Bishop Briggs, Bishop Briggs [Teleport/Island Records]

In the early hours of the morning, thousands of humans around the world were logging in to their streaming services to listen to the brand new self-titled EP from Bishop Briggs. And we can’t blame them. As she heads out on her first headlining North American tour, her six-track release is being welcomed with open arms for its ferocity and the pure talent it exudes.

Beginning with her widely-acclaimed hit “River”, the EP folds into glittering track “Dark Side”, where we are – for lack of a better phrase – interested to the artist’s dark side. Undoubtedly writing from a place where she was looking for a silver lining, her vocals dance along a heavy and beautiful bass line as the sound builds to a point where she’s almost yelling her emotions. But that’s why we love her. She seamlessly blends alternative sounds with intense beat drops that make even the most hipster of humans feel like they might have a sense of rhythm.

(But do we?)

“The Way I Do” is a soulful performance favorite, circling back at us as number three on the EP. As she powerfully croons “you will never know this love, will never know this pain, will never know the way I feel for you,” the listener is begging whomever she wrote this song about to open their eyes. This girl is a fucking force to be reckoned with. “Wild Horses” makes its appearance as track four, another favorite in the alt-pop Midwest market, undoubtedly recognized repeatedly on a global scale. It is at number five that we get another newbie, “Dead Man’s Arms” whose organ and line “see the light” make it feel like we’re participating in a congregation of many. The melancholic lyrics drive the song, as Bishop Briggs’ standout vocals take center stage even to the most beautiful instrumental composition.

She gracefully ties the EP together with sixth track “The Fire”, addressing both her light and dark sides as she admits “cuz I’ve been a devil, I’ve been a saint.” Anyone who can see both is already at an enlightened state, and her admittance of letting love go and dealing with the consequences is something we can all identify with. The mentioning of a fire brings a more impressive visual with the track, giving the listener energy to accomplish really anything they set out to do.

It is with Bishop Briggs’ insane creative force that you’ll be propelled into a place where you can inspire and create your own magic in life. Just let Bishop Briggs be your soundtrack for even a moment, and a spark will ignite.

Bishop Briggs is available now.

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