Christina Schneider, Violence, Etcetera


It might not prepare you for the holidays.


Meredith Schneider | October 27, 2016

Christina Schneider, Violence, Etcetera [OSR]

As part of OSR Tapes’ last days of existence – yeah, when we heard they were closing, we were absolutely crushed – they have completed a final batch of 25 new vinyl/cassette/CD/book releases for us to enjoy. We were particularly taken aback by Christina Schneider’s debut album Violence Etcetera, the instrumentation and recording by which was done exclusively by her to a Tascam 488 cassette 8-track. We really wanted you guys to hear it, so we decided to write about it.


Because it’s a 12-track stunner, beginning like some of our favorite sixties jams with “Violence Etcetera”‘s staccato bass and mellow vibe. The album continues to captivate us with its worn, vintage vibe and Schneider’s gorgeous, effortless vocals as she takes us on a journey through “From The Nun”, “Free Luck”, “Oranges” – a very specific spoken word piece featuring vocals by Rebecca Rom-Frank about a trip to the supermarket -, the delicate high-pitched lyrics in “Graecas”, “Can You Get The Light”, and the quirky rhythm of seventh track “Click Hendrix”. (Most notable and controversial lyric? “He told me where to plug it in.” Sit with that for a moment.)

“Little Women” regales us with strangely assorted lyrics and white noise over the instrumentals, “I Know You [The Flatlanders]” is a cover of note, with a more island paradise feel to it, and “Same One Smile” brings out more of an ethereal rock aspect to Schneider’s sound with the guitar, something that can also be recognized in eleventh track “Vocalize Hunt”. By the time we reach last track “Silver Bells”, we have covered a ridiculous amount of genre-crossing, and her version could easily compete with our Christmas favorite because it is notably quirky, hilarious, and fun. (But it might not get you prepped for the holidays.)

Violence Etcetera is available now.

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