Serengeti, Kenny Dennis EP


Serengeti brings high caliber parody to a 6-song EP.


Matt Sullivan | April 10, 2012

Serengeti, Kenny Dennis EP [Anticon]

Remember last year when Kreayshawn came on the scene as a little white girl rapping? People flipped the fuck out. It all seemed easy to dismiss it as a fad after enduring the shit-storm of obnoxious think-pieces and ugly forum wars, but even still: it was more than that. There were a million different arguments had (alright, more like 3 or 4), but it all came back to a central issue: “Hip Hop is primarily a celebration of black masculinity.” It's the opening line of Toure's NY Times piece about white female rappers — an elephant in the room for most, but a very real part of life in this genre. You could even extend it a little further into primarily an urban experience, a solitary one, an outlaw's tale.

Considering that's the norm, rapper Serengeti's seemingly harmless alter ego, Kenny Dennis, is radical by nature of existing. A 45-year-old white Chicagoan family man is about as far away from the hip hop archetype as you can get. If anything, that sounds like the kind of guy who would end up at the Disco Demolition all those years ago — not the type to share rap music with. And yet, on the

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