Phebe Star, Chronicles


Refreshingly upbeat melodies.


Elizabeth Schneider | March 28, 2017

Phebe Star, Chronicles

Phebe Starr, Sydney born artist currently based in Los Angeles, has completed her EP Chronicles.  It is a set of songs that has an autobiographical thread in the lyrics and refreshingly upbeat melodies.

Starr sets the table with the buoyant “Feel My Love”.  The song has amassed an impressive two million streams and counting.

“They Keep Telling Me” is the dance beat answer to sexism.  It was written after “working with “two sexist jerks” (sic) that told her to “sit in a room and shut up while they wrote the lyrics.”  Big mistake on their part – Phebe wrote a song with a compelling message wrapped in a pop rhythm.

Perhaps the most personal song on the EP is “Lavender Scars”.  It was written after the death of the father of one of Starr’s friends.  At that point, she had not had to deal with loss on a personal level and “Lavender Scars” reflects that confusion.  She uses her entire voice range to convey emotion that resonates with everyone.

Chronicles promises to be a go-to EP on your playlist.

Song list:

  1. Feel My Love
  2. Two Hearts
  3. They Keep Telling Me
  4. Lavender Scars
  5. Dream
  6. Wonder

“Chronicles” will release on March 31st. Keep up with Phebe here.

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