#285 Kent

285 Kent
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Watch performances from the last weekend at 285 Kent

It's like you were really there.
Nothing Urgent

The closing of 285 Kent with Ric Leichtung and Todd P; and homophobia in Uganda with Malika Zouhali-Worrall

The future of Brooklyn DIY venues, followed by the tragic death of a Ugandan man.
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285 Kent to go out with a bang

This is a permanent placeholder for a Steinbeck quote of your choice.
Brilliant Shit

The Most Popular Stories of 2013

Predictability may be sacred, but our readers saw past the porno and joint-rolling this year.
Big Words

285 Kent is gone and I feel fine

Ugh, another 'remember when' piece? Really?
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NYC Venue Beer Guide: The cheapest (and most expensive) suds

Wet your whistle, damage your ears, but hold on to your wallets.
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Northern Spy Records announces third annual Spy Music Festival lineup

Loren Connors, free beer(ish), and celebrating a grand record company.

June's 11 Most Average Moments

Crash-landing a goldplated urinal cake into the pop culture pisspot of June.
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New Waxahatchee record streaming on NPR's First Listen

It is more than worth its salt.
Anxiety Block

Eugenics Council completely destroyed 285 Kent

An Election Day demolition set we may never recover from.
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Weekend, "Sirens" (Demo)

A rough cut to commemorate a recent move to Brooklyn.
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Greg Fox, Patrick Higgins join Zs

Also, Zs release a crazy box set in honor of their ten year anniversary.
Anxiety Block

The Epicness of a NYC Weekend

Is it possible to want to be brutalized by hardcore one night and swooning over twee the next?
Cruise Corp

NYC Bugs Out Over 4/20

Cruise Corp asks: Can you take me higher?

Doomsday Student aren't trying to reinvent the wheel

Former members of Arab on Radar use a tried and true formula.