Gregular Thoughts

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Counting the minutes until this week's scariest day.
Just Heard

Birthdays' Sammy Yager is out of a coma and making progress after bike accident

A benefit show will happen at Silent Barn on September 14.
Just Heard

Several benefits planned for Sammy Yager of Birthdays

Keep him in your thoughts and look out for a spot to make donations.
Just Heard

FMLY Fest Boston lineup announced

The festival flyer that strengthens your mind and eyes.
Best Music

Best new music of 2012

All the treasures the Mayan calendar forgot.
Best Music

The Best Music of October 2012

If football, The World Series, or the debates distracted you. Here's all you missed.

Birthdays are so fun, we had to say it twice

Stream Birthdays' Birthdays.
Coming soon

FMLY Fest 2012 Comes to Brooklyn

Do-It-Together Festival bringing Cough Cool, Pressed And, Alligator Indian, and more.
Stay High

Birthdays, "Pizza Baby"

Sam grows up.
Nice Package

Breakfast of Champ's Hot Pizza split

Birthdays, Many Mansions, Panda Teeth, Vacation Dad all get a slice.
Impose Presents

TONIGHT: Holiday Party!

With all our friends, and Mrs. Claus. [Nog joke.]
Stay High

Birthdays' Hawaiian Punch Wave cassette

Listen to selections from our latest tape.
The Future

Cough Cool collaborates with Birthdays

Two bros, one guitar lick.

Birthdays, "I've Been Growing"

A new ominous lullaby from the Boston bedroom tunesmith.
Test Patterns


With Pterodactyl, Coasting, Weekends, Xray Eyeballs, and Birthdays, and free beer.