cadence weapon

Week in Pop: Barbarian, Crying, Dream Drunk, Terrace

San Diego sea streams, Game Boy rock, cassette re-creations, & hanging with Vancouver's Simon Lock.

Cadence Weapon's conditioning

Breaking in to Glasslands during soundcheck to talk Canadian hip hop.

Cadence Weapon and Fat Tony at Glasslands Gallery

We spent last Friday night at Glasslands with Cadence Weapon, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz.

Japandroids and Cadence Weapon at Bowery Ballroom

Canadian musicians with acclaimed albums make their way across the U.S.A.

Jasper Baydala, Emily Kai Bock, and Evan Prosofsky interview each other

Three Canadian music video directors talk about creating three-to-five minute stories.

Week in Pop: Cadence Weapon, Deep Time, Lee Bannon

Diamonds, gems, and jewels in the towering stacks of this week's popular tunes.

Cadence Weapon's dedication to '88

Produced by Grimes, sorta.

The best music of November 2010

We're throwing 10.0's like it's the last day of the month.

Cadence Weapon, Tron Legacy: The Mixtape

Is it hipster to sample Sleigh Bells followed by Crosby Stills and Nash?

Friday Night: Shout Out Out Out Out is back

Approved Theft: Cadence Weapon for a penny?

Watch: Cadence Weapon, “Real Estate”

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