cake shop

Worriers, Diet Cig, The Ghost Ease, and more at Cake Shop

Some of our favorite acts performed at Cake Shop before dinner time yesterday. Thanks, Breakthru Radio!

bbigpigg, The Black Black, Best Behavior, and Earworms at Cake Shop

We caught a showcase featuring bands from the Money Fire Records roster last week.

Night Powers, Courtship Ritual, Decorum, and Parlor Walls at Cake Shop

Night Powers celebrates the release of their album with a solid bill at Cake Shop, confetti, and glitter.

Soda Shop, The Hairs, and Railings at Cake Shop

Drew Diver (formerly of The Drums) and Maria Usbeck (of Selebrities) are Soda Shop.

Chomp, Dead Tenants, and Doubting Thomas Cruise Control at Cake Shop

The Medina, OH trio known as Chomp visited Cake Shop last week.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and D’NT at Cake Shop

The songs on Freedom Tower, were sometimes performed live under fake band names. JSBX then recorded the album at Daptone Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, and Ryan Sambol at Cake Shop

Slim Twig’s latest record, A Hound at The Hem, is out now on DFA Records.

2014 Festivals and Hype

Photographs from various festivals of all sizes in the US and abroad. Crowdsurfing not required.

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

Low Fat Getting High and Dead Stars interview each other

Featuring special guest strangers from the street.

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa, and Fascinator at Cake Shop

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa’s second collaborative album, Savage Imagination, was released by Thrill Jockey Records.

A day at Cake Shop with Protomartyr, Sex Jams, Heliotropes, and more

Do yourself a favor and see Sex Jams live the next time they come to town from Austria.

TV Ghost, Christines, Truthers, and EZTV at Cake Shop

Lafayette, IN’s TV Ghost return to New York.

Priests at ABC No Rio and Cake Shop

Priests perform two shows in one night & we decided to attend both of them.

The Darcys and Zeus at Cake Shop

Arts & Crafts brings together five bands for a night at Cake Shop.