North Coast Music Festival 2016


Observations out and about Lollapalooza 2016

As the summer ends, a look back at the birthday party of a festival that was the first of its kind.

AudioDamn! at Lollapalooza

A band’s first big US Fest.

Bunny, “Promises”

Random and enticing.

Healthy&Beauty’s Brian Sulpizio Shares Influential Origin Story, No Scare Out Friday

“We finished this record a long time ago.”

What I Learned: The Slapstick Legacy After 20 Years

A personal reflection on the sprawling influence of the Slapstick Family Tree.

Diarrhea Planet, JEFF The Brotherhood, and Juiceboxxx at Lincoln Hall

We had a grand time ushering the new year with Diarrhea Planet, Juiceboxxx, and JEFF The Brotherhood in Chicago.

Best of Underground America 2015

For this gallery, we celebrate the best images taken at underground shows across the US.

Blended Babies, “30 Minutes of Blender History Mix”

Digging through the discography for a highlight reel from The Blender.

Wand, Perfume, and Melkbelly at Empty Bottle

Wand’s newest album, 1000 Days, was released by Drag City in September.

Showyousuck, “R.A.D. (1428 Elm St.)”

About this “my spirit animal is Mark McGrath” thing.

Ellie Herring remixes Edamame’s “Happened”

What once was downtempo is now a hyper kinetic blitz.

The Kickback, Abraham Levitan, The Hudson Branch, and more at The Hideout

The Kickback turn Chicago into Gotham for one night.

Riot Fest Chicago 2015 portraits

A photographer takes portraits over a dozen performers for the 2015 edition of Riot Fest in Chicago.

North Coast Music Festival 2015 portraits

We spent some time off stage with some of this year’s North Coast Music Festival roster. What a photogenic bunch!


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