chill mega chill

Week in Pop: ETA, Mommy Long Legs, Natural Velvet

Metro Riders, Siberian Traps, Studio_Dad, guest selections by John Fryer.

Daniel Klag, “Reality I: Sigil”

Thinking through sound.

Watch Steve Sobs’ multi-video compilation

Dreamy visuals to accompany three songs from the new Chill Mega Chill tape.

Stream Daniel Klag’s Permutations

Melting away layers to reveal a soft interior.

Band Practice, “Band Practice Theme Song”

A familiar landscape of suburbs, dogs, and plants.

Year in Pop: 2014

Glancing and gazing back at a handful of the year’s highlights.

Week in Pop: Bogan Via, Jade TV, Lesionread, Tommy Toussaint

Blac Hollywood, Micah James, Pinecones, Post-Echo, SellOut! Music, co-curated by Girlpool.

Los Angeles Police Department, “Oh Lonely Night”

Deck the halls with loneliness in your festive christmas sweater.

Stream Band Practice’s Make Nice

From after school specials to bartending at the Silent Barn.

The Best Music of September 2014

This month found all the castles, coins, and mushrooms to reach higher LVLs.

Los Angeles Police Department, self-titled

A bedroom record that’s charming and complex, but still merely a bedroom record.

Police Neutrality: LAPD’s Ryan Pollie Takes It As It Comes

From obscurity and polite declines from LA journalists to being the latest buzz.

True Lust, “Silk & Lace” (feat. Outlands)

Denver’s Dillon Morton’s former title of ‘Lust’ is elaborated with truth.

Moon Bounce, “Commuter Jams”

The Philly producer has one suggestion, "ride a train to this."

Children of Pop, Fiesta/Drift

Getting to know the progeny of pop music.

Chill Mega Chill

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