Stream Rangers’ Session Man

Keep your Steely Dan reunion. We’re rolling with Joe Knight.

The Playoff Diaries: Skipping Coachella for hoops

John Atkinson of Aa will be giving the NBA playoffs round-up against his better interest.

Week in Pop: Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, Peace Creep, Waterstrider

Indie Italy, Bay Area buzz breakers, with support from Puerto Rico's La Quilombera.

Optometrists Use Coachella '14 Lineup Poster for Visual Acuity Tests; Patients Complain of Not Being Able to See Relevance

See you in the desert.

Thee Oh Sees: Home & Away

Country hopping with Petey Dammit.

JEFF The Brotherhood at Coachella

The Brotherhood takes you into the belly of the beast.

Impose to host five parties at Coachella better than the Guantanamo-themed one

Less prison violence, more illicit drug use.

Coachella now every day; changes name to Coachella365

You can never have too much of a good thing.

January's 10 most average moments

It's a new year and famous people are going to new heights to shit on it first.

Coachella unveils the world's first time machine

Festival organizers ensure you will instantly be taken to 2003.

SS Coachella: Day 3

All good things must come to an end and that also includes concerts on cruise ships.

SS Coachella: Day 2

Our coverage from SS Coachella continues with more photos.

SS Coachella: Day 1

The annual desert festival known as Coachella branches out to a cruise.

The most average releases of April 2012

When the most exciting thing in your month was a hologram, you should reconsider your life.

Ten people who were legitimately frightened of the Tupac Hologram

The future is a strange and frightening place.