double double whammy

Florist, Holdly

Still anticipating the full-length, we get a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks”

A break-up video that will have you smiling.

Eskimeaux at Silent Barn

Our new video series explores the stories behind the songs.

Sean Henry, “Sad ‘C'”

A new track from the High Pop singer.

A Traveling Friendship

i tried to run away when i was 6 + free cake for every creature’s pre-tour mixtape.

Free Cake For Every Creature, “Take On Me”

Monkeying around, not doing much of anything.

Sean Henry, “The Crow”

Bedroom pop from the deranged dream world of Sean Henry’s solo project.

LVL UP to Tour US, Release Three-Track EP

Making stops with Basement, Whirr, Upset, Palehound and more.

Stream eskimeaux’s O.K. in full

The Double Double Whammy full-length is out next week.

Week in Pop: All People, Crown Larks, House of Wolves, Kinjac

Colleagues, Courtesy, Flyying Colours, Mariage Blanc, guest curated by Mannequin Pussy.

Eskimeaux, “I Admit I’m Scared”

Through anxiety, brightly.

Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks”

The Epoch’s latest proves there is strength in numbers.

LVL UP release Hoodwink’d demos and B-sides

It’s bold but totally vulnerable, or, totally vulnerable but bold.

Stream Yowler’s debut cassette, The Offer

Out today on Double Double Whammy.

Mitski, “Townie”

The frustrations of adolescence, told through text messages, blinking neon signs, and Twitter posts.

Double Double Whammy

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