fat tony

Face it, Samuel T. Herring is a rapper

Quit acting surprised when you see the name Hemlock Ernst.

Week in Pop: ETA, Foxtails Brigade, Rich Jones, Roidz

Lisa Prank, Traaps, VUM, guest selections by Open Mike Eagle.

LOE, “How Long Has It Been?”

A bonus track from the forthcoming collab album with Nedarb Nagrom.

Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Guides, Shade

Bent Denim, James Roehl, Kristeen Young, ft. guest selections by Kool A.D.

Two nights with RJD2 at Brooklyn Bowl

We spent two nights with musician RJD2 at Brooklyn Bowl last week.

Weekend Money release video for “Trapper Keeper” (feat. Fat Tony)

Quite the opposite of a back to school anthem.

Stream: Weekend Money, Freddie Merkury

The full length debut has arrived.

Spot Check: Fat Tony at 4Knots Festival

Tony talks straightedge and pop punk influencing his DIY ethos.

Hot Sugar, “Leverage” (feat. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel)

Abandoned beach side rap that embodies the The Firm's "Phone Tap", only doper.

Steel Tipped Dove's & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 1

NYC-based producer enlists crazy mo-fos like Open Mike Eagle, Big Baby Gandhi, and Lakutis.

Fat Tony’s Smart Ass Black Boy Record Release Show at Knitting Factory

Fat Tony has a “Hood Party” in “BKNY” at The Knitting Factory on Monday, June 10th.

Premiere: JUICEBOXXX feat. White Rainbow, “1-900 JUICEBOY”

Goofing off in LA with hamburgers and basketballs in high colorful relief.

Pre-Yeezus Existence Edition

Let this week be known as June 2013 P.Y. (Pre-Yeezus,).

Fat Tony

The smart ass black boy talks crowd-surfing, stray animals and his new record.

Downtown Festival 2013: Black Hippy at Capitale


Fat Tony

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