fire talk

Mezzanine Swimmers, “Louis Warship”

Conventions in pop tracks turned on their head

Paw Paw (Feat. Gem Trails), “Evening Planets”

A stellar ambient track, one week before a full solar eclipse

Stream Turnip King’s Surprise EP, Drive 2 Meet You

Who doesn’t like surprises?

Gold Dime, “Easy”

A new noise rock outfit from 1/2 of Talk Normal

The Spookfish, “Everything Is Moving So Fast”

Slow down and get in touch with nature, with Dan Goldberg

Earring, “Pure Pleasure”

Seeing double, triple, quadruple.

Dehd, “Sunburn”

Charmed, I’m sure.

Turnip King, “The Ho_Se”

*Not* a shoegaze track.

Deeper, “Trans”

Steel mills on a beach

Earring, “Dark Heart

A warming second single and Q&A with the band.

Dreamcrusher, “Codeine Eyes”

An unsettling visualization of isolation.

The Big Ship, “Maybe I Don’t Know”

Like a meditative, linear Jackson Pollock.

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”

They’re back!

Murals, “Long Bridge”

A soft trip eases Fire Talk into the New Year.

Earring, “Black Chalk”

Mineshaft treachery, the song.

Fire Talk

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