Stay High

Cuddle Formation, "Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles"

One foot on the earth, another in the sky.

Emily Reo, "Birds of Paradise" (Pretenders cover)

A remake that doubles over with dreaminess.
Just Heard

Birthdays' Sammy Yager is out of a coma and making progress after bike accident

A benefit show will happen at Silent Barn on September 14.
AM Gold

Peace Arrow shares new album, ↑↓↑↓; announces tour with Emily Reo

A more lyric-driven Hear Hums offshoot project gets its debut record.
Just Heard

FMLY Fest Boston lineup announced

The festival flyer that strengthens your mind and eyes.

Dream Panther, "Oh, my love // I Just Dont Wanna Stop" (Catamaran Bootleg)

NYC's Catamaran serves up a remix of Dream Panther's groovin' cut.
The Future

Dream Panther, Beyonce's Child

It's not the soundtrack to Beyonce's documentary.
Party Report

That one time @ CMJ

I'll take my midterms when I get home, I promise!
Fresh Daily

VerBS doesn't need your cupcakin'

The song that is the equivalent of cab fare on the dresser.
Stay High

Birthdays, "Pizza Baby"

Sam grows up.
Impose Presents

TONIGHT: Holiday Party!

With all our friends, and Mrs. Claus. [Nog joke.]
Just Heard

FMLY Fest 2010 in LA

Holidays are about Fmly
Approved Theft

Grab Emily Reo's two cassettes

Plus a whoozy Neil Young cover.

Total Slacker to drop debut 7-inch

We're pretty psyched to say it's coming out on Impose Records.
Stay High

Geotic takes you to his backyard and winds you