friends records

Week in Pop: Greg Jamie, Lueda Alia, WAE

Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, guest selections by Vacationer.

Year in Pop: 2017

A selection of compiled interviews, insights & editorials from 2017’s Week in Pop features.

Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Nicholas Fisher, The Veldt

Jeff Rona, TIO, guest selections by The Telescopes.

Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Jake Bellissimo, XL Middleton

Francois Virot, Naked Beast, PHERN, Skylar Bouchard, guest selections by Versing.

Week in Pop: Anita Lofton Project, Looming, Sarah P., The Wedding Present

93 Bulls, Cults, Sky Chefs, Speaking Suns, Ummagma, guest selections by Amy O.

Week in Pop: ETA, Mommy Long Legs, Natural Velvet

Metro Riders, Siberian Traps, Studio_Dad, guest selections by John Fryer.

Jacober, Glass Splinter

The Dope Body drummer releases another solo CS.

Parkwave, “Frames”

An Italian band makes their US debut.

Week in Pop: Dear Tracks, diNMachine, Jagged Leaves, New Madrid

Dia, Dizzy Wright, Dr. Fadeaway, Good Morning, Howth, Lifer, guested by Frankie Cosmos.

Blacksage, “Basement Vows”

Beat-heavy melancholia from Baltimore.


Eating becomes an act of savagery in a new video from the Baltimore four piece.

Microkingdom, “Zero to Negative Diggity” live at Old Bank Barbers

Friends Records debuts new video series in advance of their new record.

Stream Bliss’ Angel EP

New EP from the Baltimore electronic project.

Weekends' New Humans rises from the ashes

The Baltimore record that survived the Open Space studio fire.

Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats, “Echo”

Pleased to discover a lost CD-R is now a limited edition cassette.

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